192 daddy’s jacket

I bought a jacket on eBay with this flowered embellishing but never liked the way it fit.  I decided to transplant it onto my dad’s perfectly distressed army jacket.  I also added some extra stitches around for flare.  This will surely be a new fave😘image image image image image image

190 I might be addicted to yard sales now!!



A bird cage AND a barn?  For $4?  Sold.image

I bought this for fabric but now I’m thinking if I cover the bedazzled neckline, it might become a special little tunic for $1.


a staple cream cardigan for $.05…yupimage

perfectly tarnished gold ring that might turn my finger green, but for $1, I am ok with that.image

When we pulled up to the house where I scored these, we were thinking of not stopping because they were grannies.  Turns out grannies have a VERY good selection of just the stuff I love!